Wednesday, October 2, 2013

Unplanned - The Factory Study Date

Study date with Cindy & Joanne @ the factory~ 

First round of ice cream!! Of course i chose the matcha one. :P

Hahahaha evil Cindy
We did study okkkk. Okay they la. I was i a little too distracted after doing some work for awhile hahah :P
These are really candid shots btw. They dint know i was taking pictures of them (I think)
Second round of icec creammm yumyum.

After like staying there for a few hours we walked back to Joanne's house~ And we took pictures along the way hehe. Must make full use of the dslr y'know. So i apologies for 'spamming' my insta with the same 'series' of photos okay hehe. But i like how all the pictures turned out!! Which is why i'm posting most of the pictures we took hehe. :D
And all pictures credit to Joanne's dslr!! Haha!

There's still 2 more parts~wait for it ok!! :P

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