Wednesday, January 8, 2014

Prom 2013

WOOO GUESS WHAT. I am back with prom pictures!! Hahah well, it took me long enough to edit all the pictures. 200+ photos is no joke okay. Which explains the amount of collages in this post.
This post if gonna be filled with... my face. HAHA #justsayin
And also, one bad thing about asking someone else to take a picture for you.. they just cant do a good job LOL. Not all of them la i mean like a minority of the ppl. But i just dont get it. Isit very hard to take a picture that is not blur with a dslr?!?! Some took like 5 shots and all not clear somemore.. Okay i sound so mean haha.

Oh and Punggol Sec's prom was on the same day as well!! So qiao hor. Hahaha. Gerilynn came over my house in the afternoon to get ready and all~

 And i realised.. i only took 2 photos with joanne before the event started..

The venue was actually much better than what i expect! Like it was kindaaa~ atas looking HAHA i mean like.. Serangoon country club?? 
With Gladyssss!! My first ever friend in Xinmin. And i still rmb she pangseh me after like 5 mins. xD And i think she look like very mermaid-ish on that day!!
 My best buddy in Class!!
With Jing Wen & Jasmine! This picture kinda look like a family photo though hahaha
With JingYi! Zingy burger hahah
My first solo picture with Carissa!! Which i think deserves more space on my blog hahah i know you love me kalisa (;
 With yifei~
 Yufei! All the fei-s
My bros hahaha
 Quan Yong! The violent guy in class who is nice and helpful too~ Thanks for helping me in my studies!!! (:
 Incomplete class photo that is damn blur..
 Mrs Rajjjjj. Best form teacher/Chem teacher!!!!
 Dylan~ The funniest ex-class chairman hahah
And omg Chia wee actually brought Chem tys to take photo with Mrs Raj. Can you believe it. 
With Amosssss. 
Was standing near the stage and i have no idea why i became the camera man for 05 lol. 
 With the bitchiest Nicoleee!
After this picture was taken
Personbehindcamera: Eh nicole still taller than you
Me: Huh serious?!?! Okok take again!!!
 Still fail. This is me making an attempt to look taller hahaha

 My Cindymom!!! Mom lets go out tgt sooooon

 Class photo!! Another fail shot by someone.
The buffet that night was.. normal?? I only like the chocolate eclair and mushroom soup hahaha
And we played a game where everyone in the table needs to put a string through our clothes and then walk up to the stage tgt. My table was damn fail i swear hahaha
Prom King&Queen voting time!! Joanne was voted like omg HAHA i contributed to the votes also okay (; 
Anddd. Valerian and michelle Shona won!! Rmb telling Joanne 'Omg Michelle damn elegant and pretty!!' the moment i saw her at the entrance hahah
With Big eye Ashlyn hahah my eyes are like half of hers pls. 
My recess buddiessss. 
And ofc my bitchy beauty Queens!! All 5 shots are blur wth i wanna box the person who took it. 
With the pretty prom queen~
Some random shots that i'm lazy to edit.. hahah
I like this picture of Nic&Doug haha i think its nice
With Cherie!
And out of nowhere a H.i.p.s 'gathering' hahaha
Had supper with Nigel and his friends after prom ended!! And her is 6 pictures of his unglam xD He caught me snapping pictures of him in the 5th pic hahah so cute :P Dont kill me pls xD
With Freda!
And of course~~ my loveee~~ hehehe

Just came back from my bkk trip!!! Wanted to post this before i go there but i was too excited to go there ahahah. The amount of pictures i took there is scary mannnn. Just by copying it to my computer takes around 30 mins omggg. Normally it only takes like max 1 min?? Gonna die editing all the pictures