Sunday, September 22, 2013

Mid Autumn Festival

Celebrated Mid autumn with church people @ labrador park on friday!! And i asked Cindy, Joanne, Valerain, Nicole, Douglas along hehe. 
And ofc, we took some pictures when walking there. Cr: Joanne's camera! Many different ppl taking pics so yup.
And i realise what Yihui told me the other time was kind of true. Pictures on my insta is mostly me with different backgrounds hahah. Follow me on instagram ok. :D
 Featuring one-legged Cindy hahahah
 My partner for the day Cindy cause Nigel couldn't make it. ): Hahaha no la i love you Cindy. <3>
And this 'weird couple'
 And this super pretty cruise passed by us! I tried to take clear pics of it but i failed so i gave up haha but the pictures still turn out nice okay!
 Taking pictures in a super dark place with flash is the hardest thing ever. Which is why we decided to close our eyes.
 And we started playing some games~ Not much photos cause we're all playing the games!!
 Most pictures starting from here were taken by Valerian! Not bad sia he.
 And of course, we've got to burn some lantern ya?? HAHA
 Me having a hard time bending down to 'match' the height haha
And that's all for noww~
Went out with Joanne and Cindy again yesterday and we took like 300+++ photos lol oh shit. Gonna take me forever to edit them. Check out my instagram for some sneak peeks!! Hehehe. 

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