Wednesday, October 9, 2013

Unplanned - Black & Yellow

Yay finally done with part 2! And its not that i stay home all day and blog okayy. I do study hor. I'm taking my rest time to edit pictures and blog hehe. I dont want to wait til after Os then i blog cause by then this would be wayyyyyy overdued and I guess i would've more and more posts right?? So ya.
Editing all these photos make me want to go out and take more pictures again sigh. I'm sure i will flood my blog with lots of nice pictures after my major exam hehehe.

There will be alot of our 'act cool' face in this post so please dont mind us hahaha xD Just us having some fun posing for photos~ :P

 I have no idea what was i doing..
 And Cindy came to join me hahhaha

3 of us posing with the cone differently. I am totally the normal one (; (;
 Out of the many many pictures that we took i think like 1/4 of them is candid shots of me walking back to look at the photos hahaha

 We were trying out different angles to take our photos.And look at this omg. The difference is so hugeee! Hahaha i look like a giant beside the left me LOL

More act cool faces hahahaha so funny omg

I also made some small changes to my blog layout! (If you've noticed) Haha thanks for reading!! xx

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