Thursday, September 19, 2013

Ponggol Nasi Lemak

I was like damn shock when Cindy told me she've never tried this nasi lemak before omg?!?! I mean its like the best nasi lemak i've eaten and i've been eating it since young lor omg. I'm sure most people living around this area would've tried it before right???

Forever having super longggggg queue!
And we're teaching our mum when and how to use the different modes on the dslr.
(In chinese)
Us: When people running do sports can use this
Mum: Ohhh (She literally thought that only when people running then can use)
Us: We pose for you. We move when you take
Mum: Can use this meh??!

And the reason why we went there to eat is cause my sis wanted to try the beancurd tart! Not a fan of beancurd/eggtart so i dint try it!

And my outfit for the night~

Got back a few of my prelims result over the past week and.. it was okay i guess?? Definitely seeing some improvements thank god for that. 
And ofc i am finally done with art!!!! Super super relieved that i am able to complete all my boards on time. Like i completed it on the day itself?? Really hope that i can score well for it. I mean like 9+/- months of hard work lehh.. If i get a B and below i'd be reallyyyyy really sad. And i sort of miss my boards haha. I've only seen it on that day it self?? Cause all the while its incomplete til the last 2 days when i actually can see the 'actual' boards hahaha
Hope i can do well in my paper 2 though~
And all other subj ofc.

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