Thursday, August 8, 2013

Drama Night 2013 [Part 2]

So yup. Here's more of us taking retarded pictures. Hahaha

Best 'pole photo' goes to suting hahahhaa!

Act candid shottt. It's kind of creepy if you cover carissa's leg hahaha

I was about to 'compliment' carissa again but i shall not do it after seeing her reaction from reading my previous post HAHA. Her serious face really best!!!!
Try and guess what they're doing in this picture lol. Think sick.

Dint know the man was actually posing for a picture til i was editing it lol!

Anddd.. we decided to sneak in to some construction site to take a picture.

Cherie 'fangirl-ing' with a very scary expression hahaha
We followed Preya around trying to find someplace to chill but went in some closed mall lol.
Ended up @ bugis starbucks instead haha. Cindy & I took forever to choose what we should order cause apparently it was 1 for 1 that few days and greentea was out of stockkk. How come nobody tell me 1 for 1 sia tskkk

Finally done with drama nighttt yayyyy!!

Btw, if you're boreddd. !!!

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