Sunday, August 4, 2013

Drama Night 2013 [Part 1]

Attended the last concert as a xinmin student!! Anddd. Although i dont understand it (as usual) It was better than expected haha. I think i need to stop doubting every concert i go to lol. 
Stupid Ashlyn and Ilisia decided not to go pffft

Just in case you're wondering.. Philbert is actually posing for my camera lol erxin sia

Carissa damn cute. This is her 6 different but similar face hahahha

These 2 super sweet couples awwwww

Nicole and Natalie. Their face like copy and paste one

And then we decided to... I dont even know what we're doing HAHA. Like we just threw our barang barangs at the table nearby, stood at the platform and started posing. Damn bimbo. Joanne was like saying heng we seniors Hahahahha.
I know i kept laughing and covering my face la but too funny alr i cannot. I think i'm the most normal among them lor and there's Joanne, the queen of posing. I need to try harder next time. Hahahha just kiddinggg

Spot Cherie's eyeee hahaha

Ending off with our silly faces haha.
I took like 230++ photos. Its taking me forever to edit them omgg. After like choosing them i'm still left with 100+ . Which explains all the collages and gifs~
More of us in part 2 ok!!! Hahahah

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