Sunday, August 11, 2013

Hair For Hope [Part 2]

Sooo. Apparently while waiting for my sister's turn to shave (freaking queued for like 4 hours?!) , Joanne and I decided to take some photos of our outfit! Must make full use of my mum's camera y'know.
This Joanne dress so nice never tell me sia. In the end i went to change into the clothes i just bought that day to take some photos too hahah ikr. But now the top's missing, what the hellllll
And. This post is gonna be fiiiiiilled with Joanne's face. Just saying.

 Nah Joanne. You flower tree/ tree flower for your art haha

Wo de photography skills not bad ba!! Better than Joanne's one hor. Hahahah. Got so many picture she can choose from to be her blog's header lehhhh

Okay i should stop the bhb-ness

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