Wednesday, July 31, 2013

Hair For Hope 2013

Okay obviously i wasn't the one who went la ok. I too vain already hahaha. My sister had decided to do this for like a few mnths before the actual event and when she told me i'm like ' you siao ah, you wont shave one lor'. And I've been trying to persuade her out of this madness for mnths andddddd, she did it anyway. Lol!! Til now i still can't believe she did it like seriously. Wo de jie ye tai yong gan le ba!!!! Way to go sis!!!! So so so proud of youu (even though i dint tell you this you know i love youuu. :D )

 This long hair dude damn cool!!! His hair is like soo much longer than mine omg. And he came with his 8(?) yr old daughter! Thumbs up to them both!!

And they coincidentally asked for a picture after that hahhaa.
Before pic of sam with joanne. Left earlier so no after photo!

 Looooove this picture!!

 AND HERE IT IS OMG. It may take a long time to load but look at how happy my sister is!!!!!
Derrick uncle looking like a japanese monkkk. Hahhaha

 Why she so happy i still dont get it. Seriously.

 When i take this pic i'm like wondering why Joanne is in my family photo HAHA. Take before me somemore!!!!
 I've been touching my sister's head for the past few days i just cant resists. This botak too cute already xD

Maybe someday i'll be so out of my mind that i decide to go for hair for hope too.

Lol. Nope. No way.

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