Friday, June 21, 2013

Maccha Madness

If you follow me on instagram (@Fluffyyluff) You should know that i went out with Cindy on Tuesday! This siao person forever doing stupid stuff with me hahah.
And i went to Maccha house to have my maccha ice cream again. My maccha obsession had gone a little too crazy lately like i would crave for it every single day. Just by typing this makes me want to have my green tea latte now omg.
(I look like i'm her mum here oh myyy)

My ootd shot! Cindy said i kinda look like the fedex delivery guy cause of my oversized jacket hahahah.
And i realised if you read my 'captions'/ words continuously throughout the whole post it doesn't really flow well. Like got alot of abrupt change hahha. Whatever.

The haze is really really bad these days. Everyone drink more water okkkk!!

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