Wednesday, June 19, 2013


Xinfony last Thursday! Although i'm not the 'band' kind of person but i like going to our school concerts just so to take pictures and dress up (I actually like my hair alot on that day. The fact that it looks ok after soooo long of not frying my hair with anything lol) HAHA. Shittt so many people are gonna hate me for saying this hahahah. 
But!! I actually enjoyed all the school concerts i went to okk! I dont think i missed one of it yet. Like feel so proud to be in Xinmin for that one moment LOLL

To be honest the first 2 songs of the concert was good but.. kinda boring.. Til the Totoro(I actually typed tororo.. heng i google hahah) part came up! Okay la overall the performance was gooooood! So much better than what i expect actually. Good job band people!!

Oh and picture credits to my beloved Joanne and Faufauuu!! Thankyou once again hehe :D Dint bring my camera cause mine is like nowhere to be found and my mum refuses to lend me hers even though i begged her lol wth

 LOL just take a look at Dylan omg HAHAHA. Top model alr. Damn funnyyyyyy
'All girls' Group photo!!
 Stupid flash make my eye so smallllllllllll

 To my bestfriend in class.
Okay please stop denying your love for me okay. Just accept it. You did a really great job on stage even though i cant see you like 90% of the time lol. Especially your solo!! Can see that you're really really nervous and i was kind of shock that you can play your instrument so well. Hahahahaha sorry xD Love you la k!!!
AND why we never take picture tgt sia walao. ):
 Me being outcasted again cause i was too tall to stand in the middle lol
I realised i dint take pictures with soooooo many people!! ): Oh and i met new friends! And being *cough* shy and awkward *cough* I dint really talk much to them hahah. Hello Gerilynn and Heidi!! Lets talk to each other more next time okay :D If you guys are even reading this hahha.


Cindy Lim said...

zoyyy. hahaha cai cai wo shi shui? i'm reading your blog ok, scanning through every single word in fact. bie shuo wo mei you du!:-*

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