Tuesday, June 25, 2013


I just want to blog cause blogging makes me happy and i've been like damn moody tdy, dont even know why. I've even ignored some texts and now i feel so damn guilty.. SO. This is a 'i just want to update my blog' post.. about.. minesweeper. LOL

Okay i guess everyone knows this game but nobody actually plays it nowadays. So apparently yesterday i was using my laptop wayyyy pass my bedtime yesterday as you can tell from my ss, I quarreled with my mum againnn, her shouting at 4 am in the morning and trying to wake everybody up. Its almost like a daily routine now wtf
And then she went to off the modem, cause i was too lazy to go on it again, i went to search for games on my computer andd.. i found minesweeper. Lol hahaha

Since young whenever i play this game i would just click anywhere and always thought that its a 'luck' game but yesterday i tried to understand it and actually play it properly.. and..... I won!!! Hahahaha. Ehhh to actually win this game is damn hard okayy. Just let me be proud of myself for this moment shall we. HAHA
Not bad right walao

Btw you just wasted like 5-10mins reading this retarded post of mine. 

I swear i few years later or even months when i look back at this post i'm so gonna laugh at this lol

Hope i feel better tmr. Stupid moodswings

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