Saturday, May 25, 2013

NewYork Day 7 - Niagara Falls

Omg finally finished uploading all the pictures. It's gonna be a looooon post! Stupid com/blogger decided to flip all the arrangement of my photos pfft. Okay so this post is gonna be filled with many pretty picturessss!! Its THE Niagara Falls duh. But to be honest i was kinda disappointed when i see it at first cause its not exactly what i expect and some look better in my pictures below i would say. At least to me. 
And and the snowing day is Day 7 not Day 6 hahah i got it wrong lolol. 

My transparent boots surprisingly kept my feet warm.
 If you followed me on Insta (You totally should @fluffyyluff) You would saw this pic of this cute little bus!! I guess i was the only one who got a pic of it cause it was moving damn fast cannn. I so pro right. HAHA lol

 One of my fav pic after edit!!!
this is the unedited pic. So ugly right.

 I admire Eunise seriously. No warm up + its super cold there + under so many layers of clothing still can pose until so graceful.
And there's
 me. Looking like an orange snowball. Hahahah dont laugh okay. My mum forced me to bring this huge thing and i would be wasted if i dont wear it at least once. And i bet i'm like the most warm among everyone lor. Other than my freezing face laa.

 Favorite picture of Niagara Falls!! Sooooo prettyyyy.
 And there's this random baby that all my juniors went crazy over. Hahaha poor babyy. Like super randomly ask for picture and to carry him/her. Good thing the mum was a nice person!

Lunch after that!! Not much pic of it cause its basically same as all the other meals there.
Joanne was actually talking to me but it seems like she's stirring the plate and singing some song LOL

Dinner @ Applebee's! BEST MEAL in NY omg. Like finally proper good food for us. Although its quite salty but the food there was nice!! And their cup was hugeeeee. I think like 2.5 times larger than our normal cup size!!

 They should totally give more dessert to us

 Last night in Ny and this is our messy room.
 And my almost-exploding luggage hahah.
Seniors came to our room and we did all sorts of random shit

 Spot Roline at the back sleeping xD

 This crazy cece fan. Ew i hate Cece ew ew ew.

And when i was sleeping.. They stole my camera.

The supercalifragilisticexpialidocious dance that we learned!
Ending off with picture of Eunice hahahah omg she's damn cute!!
Yayyyy left with one more short post on Ny and we're donee!!!! FINALLY. 

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