Sunday, May 26, 2013


Okay. So. This is a super random post but yup. If you know me personally or smth you would've known that i was a lil crazy over this cutie pie over here a few mnths back. Like he's on my lockscreen and all (When i still have my iPhone lol) .Just fell in love when i saw this gif on tumblr.

AND today. Ilisia randomly texted me and said she's like super crazy over this super hot guy blabla being her first idol that she is so crazy over hahahaha called Finn Harries and i went to youtube watched a few of his video.. AND. My sister suddenly said ' isn't that your cute guy on tumblr or smth' I WAS LIKE OMG YA MY CUTIE PIE OMG Can't believe i dint recognise him omggg. At first i'm like still telling Ilisia to chill and not get so crazy over him hahahah. BUT OMG. Cant believe i sort of "found him" Hahahha. He's either Jack or Finn but oh well. Still cute. So yup end of my post hahahah. I can stare at him for hours. Too cute. Just too cute. You're welcome for putting up this gif!!! Thankyou to Ilisia too!!! Hahahaha
Bye. Goodnight!! xx

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