Sunday, May 19, 2013

Bugis x Chinatown

SUPPPP. Getting most of my readers back which is goooooood. Gonna keep this space more alive from now. 3 posts in a row, not bad la okay. :D  A more "Now" post apart from all my outdated posts tdy!! Hahaa. Oh and how's my new skin doing?? Love it so much omg. Just in case you dk yet.. i loove skulls :D Especially when its pink!! double :D:D

Okay so, went out with fam yesterday! With my mum's cameraaa. Hehe

Tried 'Blackball' like finallyy. Always seeing a super long queue there.

Their signature dish is a must try!!! Love the yam ball thingy. Its like chewy but not too chewy, soft but not too soft lolol if you get what i mean. And the melon lemon tea as well. The drink is weirdly nice. Try it and you'll know hahah.

Our ootd shots hehee

A cute gif i made with some of my unglams in it.. LOL

Okay byeee! School starts tmr and lets all pray hard that our results wont be too disappointing. Hmmm

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