Saturday, December 15, 2012

NewYork Day 1- Empire State Buiding

Hello everybody!! Yes i'm back! Some of you guys may not know, I WENT TO NEW YORK FOR THE PAST 10 DAYS. Hehe yes New York!!! I've never imagined myself in New York like seriously, the furthest i've traveled to is like Australia and its when i'm like 3 or 4 yr old so practically i cant rmb like 90% of what happened lol. Anyway. I WENT TO NEW YORK hahaha and abit of Japan and Canada LOL. Actually i wanted to blog before going there but guess what. I was sick. Yes really sick. The first time in my life i've experienced headache and i swear it was horrible. It was so damn severe that i cant do anything, cant even sleep like wtf i was rolling everywhere from my bed to the sofa and on the floor lol serious. Okay whatever, back to New York!!

Spent almost 20hrs in the air and the first flight was horrible. I was sort of still recovering from my illness + the first plane was a bit old + the food sucked. Was super uncomfortable and kindof breathless throughout -.- But the view was nice!!!!

Oh so fluffy clouds. Dont you feel like jumping out of the window and diving into the clouds????
And this interesting thing that we saw.
So cool right?! One big gap in between the clouds that looks like someone cut a piece of it away LOL!!
And finally we landed in NewYork!!!! Woooohoo! First stop was the Empire State Building!

The lift was like supersupersuper fast! like within 2/3secs we're on the 10th floor alr.
Tadaaaaa! The view of the whole entire NewYork!!! Its super pretty up there. Like prettier than in pictures and super cold too. I was like freezing out there went out once and stayed inside for the rest of the time there lololol

Chines Food for dinner. Yes Chinese food in NewYork -.-

Checked in Comfort Inn. Shared the room with Joanne, Tiffany and Jaserie!
Day 1 is kinda boring la i know. More pretty pictures coming your way!! Like maybe a thousand more. Hahahah

Oh and btw, i manually set the picture size one by one cause i realised that i've got the settings for the picture size wrong. IKR wtf (Just in case you find the photo sizes weird lol)

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