Sunday, December 16, 2012

NewYork Day 2 - NYCCC x MoMA

Okay day 2!

The largest graveyard in New York. It is soooooo freaking huge!!! And super creepy too :X

Had our Dance workshop @ New York Chinese Cultural Center! Now you know why Chinese Dance go to New York alr?!?!? Stop asking me okay. LOL

Here's our look so grand bus!!!

Lunch @ Chinese Restaurant
Just 2 photos. later still got more chinese food pictures lol

Museum of Modern Art after Lunch! I have no idea why we're there but i guess only me and Joanne was like actively taking pictures and hoping that it'll somehow do some help for our art o'level next year hahaha. Other ppl was like damn bored there lol!!! I think you all also not interested la so i post a few photos only okay!!

Here's the typical anyhowsplashalsocan art peice. I still dont get why their's get so famous while mine ends up in the rubbish bin.

Here is my New York boots!! Hehe, i think you'll see more photos of it in the next few post with different socks and different background hahah! And surprisingly its like quite warm!! Been wearing just 1 pair of socks throughout and there will always be mist forming inside the boots lolhahaha. It's my sister's btw!

Chinese food for dinnerrrrrrr. -.- -.-

My picture quality is so screwed cause of the picture size thingy ohmygosh T.T

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