Thursday, November 22, 2012

Class BBQ

I realised that
1)All my post are like sort of 'overdued' kind cause i never really post on time before.(I'll try to work faster ok)
2)I dont really write alot in all my posts cause i'm not good with words (as you can tell)(And i think i've said this before)(I think) But if i write lots of crap here you all will read anot ah??? Hahahahaha i guess not
3)I like my posts to be filled with many many pretty pictures and i read my own blog every once in a while.It makes my happy. 
4)Sometimes i over-edit my pictures. Yes i knowww, but its like the pictures itself it looks nice after editing it but when put together with other pictures it seems a lil weird and over-editted.. What i suggest is to just stare at each picture for like 3s (minimum) and i think it'll help. :D

Back to the post!
Wanted a more 'special' title but i can think of any so let's stick with Class BBQ. Lol
It was last friday i think? The Bbq was much better than what i expect actually. 

 Joanne, Here's a photo for you to admire.

I actually started a fire and Bbq-ed throughout the whole day which is kind of unexpected to some people. Lol, i'm not the kind that sit there do nth and wait for the food to be placed right in front of me one okayyyyy

Yihui always have super good jumpshot-expression like really dramatic and funny!

And i've no idea what Jasmine is trying to do here... Lol!!!

And it actually rained!!! Like seriously wth. But good thing there's like a few umbrellas that we could use!

Love the yummy prawnnns

They look so cute tgt hahaha

Oh and btw, Photo credits to Fauziah!!! Ok la, i feel bad for using her photos cause i actually hate it when other people use my photos to blog or whatever.... BUT Some credit to me also la. I took some of the photos here(The nicenice one hahahah) and i edited every single one of the photos okkkkk. And Fauziah said it was okay to take her pictures hehe. First and Last(I hope) post with pictures from other people's cam ok! I mean like the whole entire post la. 1 or 2 pic nvm one hor? :D

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Anonymous said...

hello helloooo! the pictures actually look so much better with your edit. Xie xie ni very nice (: good blog post too. Another class outing, maybe? -Fauziah