Monday, December 17, 2012

NewYork Day3 - Frank Sinatra School of the Arts

Day 3 would be the most boring post! Had our breakfast at the hotel and we headed to our Dance workshop @ NYCCC as usual~

Had our lunch in the bus after that cause we're rushing off to our next venue and we had burger!!!! Yes finally not chinese meal! And according to the teachers they bought burger for us cause they hear us complain alot that we eat chinese food until sian alr but guess what, the burger meal was like planned wayyyyyy before and i just found out cause i saw the planner thingy wth. Lie to us tsk. Oh and their drink that is included in the meal was hugeeeeee. Like their medium was our large!!
(Pic credit to Claudia!)
School exchange program @ Frank Sinatra School of the Arts High School! What a long name lol! Performed 2 dance and we had a little sharing and discussion session with them. They are sooooooo friendly and pretty!! And when we told them we love their accent they're like 'We have an accent?!?!?' Hahahahah
A bag that Joanne bought on Day 2! Forgot to mention that we went to shop at target! They sell everything sooooooo damn cheap there wth. Lucky Charms at $3+ , EOS lip balm $3+, E.l.f makeup stuff at $1-2+ , Maybelline mascara $6+ AND Ben and Jerry's/Haagen dazs at $3+ WTF RIGHT?!?!? Feels like Singapore been cheating us for so many years LOL
I think we went Macy's on Day 3?? Cant remember ah

Here's our Chinese Dinner ew

And it was HuaXin's Birthday!! Ning Si(Our travel agent????Dont exactly know how to describe her lol) was soooo sweet! She went to order this cake in the morning and surprised her at night! Cute mouse cake hahaa

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