Wednesday, December 26, 2012

NewYork Day 4 - Statue of Liberty x Times Square

First of all, want to wish everyone a Merry merry Christmas!! Even though Christmas is over.. but whatever! I've yet to go to sleep so i guess its still 25 dec to me hahahah. Oh and sorry for taking so long to post about day 4!! There's like tons of pictures and i guess it'll be the longest one! And nicest also haha. Good things must wait one right!!

Okay so, dance again in the morning as usual~ But in a different studio this time round!

This 2 never fail to make funny faces in front of the camera hahah

Here's our Mongolian Dance de instructor!

They are like saying "Lao shi, Ni xiao bi jiao hao kan!!" Haha! True!
And here we have the 4 who is apparently the noisiest throughout the whole trip. You can hear them even if you're about 1km away. Hahahhahha okay maybe i exaggerated a little.

Proceeded to the United Nation Visitor Centre for an audio tour. So damn boring laaaaaa. Dint even listen to any of the audio throughout was busy snapping pictures. And the tour guide like a bit slack one lor! Just bring us around and click on some buttons. Dont even need to know anything or talk lol! Here's a perfect picture to describe how boring it is.

All the picture above look like i take one hor?? xD But its just a picture of a picture haha. But technically i took them.. hahhah you get what i mean!

My sotd! White socks and in a puddle of dirty water. xD
(side track a little: As i was blogging i went to check the pictures in my hard disk and omg guess what. It freaking said 'folder is empty' and i almost died i was like "Empty??!?!?! OMG WAIT WHAT. FOLDER IS FUCKING EMPTY WTF?!?!?!? OMGOMGOMG. HOW OMG. MY PICTURES ALL INSIDE NO EXTRA COPIES OMG. Okay calm down, maybe its a prank or whatever crap it is *checks every single folder in the computer* DONT HAVE?!?!?! Ohhhhhhmyyyyyyyygoddddddddd. Please nononono. Cant do this to me.How i blog howhowhow. *walks around the house trying to calm myself* *Checks folder again*" AND ALL MY PHOTOS ARE BACK OMG LOL. I was so damn happy that i cried. hahahah. I was so damn thankful la!! Stupid hard disk. Never gonna trust it again -.- Btw i dint actually say it out duh. And this little dramatic thing actually lasted for like 2hrs of me going omg and not wanting to believe that 'the folder is empty' lolllllll hahahahaha Why the world no endddd. )
 Back to the post!!!!! xD

Many of us was like spam taking pictures of birds like we never see bird before hahha!
But you must admit that this picture not bad la ok!!! Got feel anot. Hahahahhaha

Went on the Statue of Liberty Harbour Cruise!

It was freakinggggggggg cold on the upper deck!!!! Like freezing cold. See this 2 qtpie.

And taadaaaaaaaa. Statue of Liberty!!!! It was quite worth it actually! Being able to see the statue with my own eyes! Went in after taking like 20+++ photos of the statue.

Times square at night!!!!!!!! Yes Times square omg. The place that comes to my mind whenever someone mentioned NewYork! It was so bright and pretty T.T
Wouldn't it be nice if this kind of poster are all around in singapore?!?!?
Even blur photo also nice T.T Fyi We are walking continuously while i took all these photos okkk.


Shopping timeee! Grouped according to levels - sec1&2 , sec3&4 AND WE ONLY HAD 30MINS TO SHOP THERE WTH. -.- SERIOUSLY. 30 MINS. First thing i said was that we're going to f21 i dont care lol! Huge 4 stories f21!!!! Joanne and i was like running all around trying to scan through everything. we're like 'this one nice anot ah!?!?!?' ' Aiya dont care la just take first!!!! later dw then put aside!!!' Dint get to shop the last level. sigh. But the sec2s more kelian. They had only like 10 mins to shop there cause apparently the sec1s wanted to go to some kiddy shop and they're like buying keychains or whatever. I mean like buy keychains okay la, but you come new york times square and you have only 30 mins to shop you chose to spend your time on freaking keychains?!?! SERIOUSLY?
Our beef dinner is canceled cause we're late for it (Or maybe its another lie from them lol) and we kinda got scolded by the teacher. I'd rather shop. -.-

Caught Mary Poppins after Dinner!
The timing for it is like damn screwed la. They pian pian put it on a looooong day and at night!! The play was like super nice but i slept through part2.... i dint even know until the last part where they suddenly sing very loudly lol!! But by watching part 1 only i believe that its totally worth the money!!! They had houses that 99.9% of it looks real and the transition for each act was smooth and really really cool!!!! If they ever come to Singapore go catch it okay! Dk whether its the same anot la...
Even the theater alone looks so awesome. So fairytale-castle like.
Got back to our hotel and we're kinda awake cause everyone slept a little xD
So..... this is us when we have nothing to do in our room... LOL they should have given us the time to go shopping insteadddddddddd

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