Tuesday, January 8, 2013

NewYork Day 5 - Princeton University

Ok first, got to apologise for not posting for quite long... As you all know, school started and it kinda suck. First week or maybe first day of school and you can already feel all the stress and bullshits coming back at you again. Aw man. Sec 4 is really a crazy year, o'levels which includes art. Art basically takes up the whole freaking year and i guess there's no break or so, not forgetting that its the syf year! 
So i'm kinda hoping that i'll get to finish blogging all my 'overdued' posts before i get my art o'level question lol. Fyi, i have about 7 more. All about one whole page long. Hahah wish me luck. And i hope you're not getting bored of my Newyork post yet!!! 

So its Day 5!!! Got the chance to have a workshop with the Marry Poppins' cast himself! Kindof cool huh! Just that we've still no idea which role he was playing haha! Got to learn the 'supercalifragilisticexpialidocious' dance that was in the play!!! Superrrrrr cooolll. And fast. Kinda forgotten about 90% of it alr haha!

I look so china here omggggg.................................

Chinese buffet at 'China buffet'!! LOL
The 2 regulars of my New York posts. Lol! I'm sorry but i've spent 99% of my time in NY with those people.. xD

Them taking my last piece of salmon. cheh!

Yup, this is all i ate... Food there is.... not good...
Headed to Princeton next! The highlight of day 5 and dammmmmn.The school is like so freaking pretty! So so pretty omg. It feels like a castle there. Too pretty to be a school. So for those who wants to ''''stay'''' in a castle you might want to consider there. xD xD But it gets really really really really cold there. #justsaying

Interesting culture they have here! You can zoom in and read it on your on if you're interested. lol
So the soon-to-be-president took us on a tour around the school. If it isn't that cold i may have enjoyed myself a little more hahah.

All of us are like in thick clothing and guess what. We saw 3 girls jogging. In shorts and hoodie. Lolll!!! They mad?!?!

This is the second largest library in the whole world!! With 6billion/million (i forgot, just know that there's alot) of books! Used to be the largest til idk-who took the 1st place.

And we saw a kindof cute Singaporean there!!!!!! So cool right!! Like meeting some Singaporean when you're overseas hahaha.
Seafood buffet for dinner after that! So-so onlyyyy. Looks can be deceiving.
But they have the best desserts!!!!!! Like not the typical ("cheap"???) choco,vanilla,strawberry kind!! 6 yummy flavours!

We spent like almost half a day travelling to our next destination. Some small but big hotel in Hersheys!!!! Which is near to our next destination Niagara falls!!
Sooooo big compared to the other hotels!!!!! Like when you walk in there's still a small 'room' that has a sofa, cabinet and space us for to put and unpack our luggage!!! Hahah!
Ok. So Day 6, tmr??? I hope? We'll see. :D

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