Sunday, November 11, 2012

Destination: Unknown (Part 2)

Part two up!! Sorry for the wait!

 A shot taken by some people.. idk who but definitely not me lol just take a look at this hahah LOL
 This one pass la.
This two taken by my mum.. Like really best man. Cannot even describe how bad this is. I dont even bother editing it Lolol!

 'Aunties Photoshoot' By unknown photographer.

 And another fail  group shot..
 And here are the food!! Camera is finally passed back to meee!!

 Chili Crabbbb. Omg craving for it alr.

 Ootd for the day!

All the pictures so nice right. Must one by one slowly xing shang and slowly scroll through it ok! Hahah thankyou la bye.

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