Thursday, November 8, 2012

Destination: Unknown

Yay hiii! Here's part one for my pretty post! Hahah. So one fine day my mum text us 3 to say that we're gonna 'chu hai' and that's all the details of the trip she gave us. She dont even know whether need passport, or where are we going and we just followed her. Lol

A candid shot of me. So this is how i look when i open my cam cover hahaha

The sky of that day was supersuper pretty! The clouds are like damn fluffy and its a good thing that it only started raining when we're on our way back!!

They look like they're posing for the cam but they're not!

If you realised the photo quality for this post is actually quite good as i'm using my mum's dslr! That's why i took tons of photos and i need more time to edit them. Although some is unedited la but I very busy one ok!!! Hahaha.

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