Wednesday, November 14, 2012

Iphone Pics

Me and my kitty cap teehee. It looks more bearish tough. Haha
Just in case you miss my face lolol just kidding.

Yummy yong tau foo @ Harbourfront Centre! Super unique taste and the food there is veryvery affordable!! One plate of hokkien mee cost $2 wtf ikr but the plate is small la. But you can order more variety of food this way!!
 And presenting my cute lil ponies hehe everypony go download it and be my neighbour ok. :D

 Saw Greyson Chance the other day! He's so damn cute omg. We're fated meet Greyson, i went plaza sing for Daiso actually. Hahahahalol

Sort of a not-so-interesting post here cause i want to have more time to edit the pictures for my next post kbye

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