Saturday, June 4, 2011


Yesterday was Xinfony ~
JingYi , Michelle and Ashlyn came t my house first and we started t paint our nails and all . Actually , i was th one helping thm t paint their nails . Hahaha . This is how Michelle curl her hair using socks .
 LOL ! Cute huh ?  Sh's like so camera shy only ! Tsk , 

 Went of and took Mrt t Dhoby ghaut ~

 Another Camera shy one . TSK .

 Went t th toilet first before heading t macs t wait for th guys t come and find us ~

 Some people were just super nervous while waiting @ macs . Lol ! Tsktsk . ;D
Went of and headed t Just Acia for our dinner with th guys , and i was pangseh-ed by Ashlyn and Ilisia .Two suckers ! D; Tsk . During th whole time there , I T. W A S. S U P E R. A W K W A R D . LOL ! Me , JingYi and Mich was like staring @ each other and smiling . LOL . 
Ate finish and waited for Ashlyn and Ilisia t arrive . Thy had a hard time finding their way there . Haha  , 
 Headed t SOTA ~ Was freaking hot thr ! Explored while waiting for th concert t start . Was super cool only la ! Like so High class only . LOL !
Th concert was kinda cool ~ Although half of th time i was like talking t ppl . Hehehe ,

 Took fotos during th interval ~ we were deciding on going shopping instead of going back and listening t th concert but we went back in agn . LOL . Saw Mdm liew too ! Haha ,

 ACT CUTE . ^  HAhahahahah,

 Ended and Ilisia wanted t go and eat while Ashlyn doesnt want t walk past someone and thy started pulling me around like mad ppl . T.T I'm always th suffering one . D; LOL . And one more thing , my leg was like hurting like fuck onlyyyyyyy ! SUPER PAIN .

Blame myself for wearing  such high heels ah ! My leg is like still hurting a lil . LOL ! I'm not exaggerating kay . I dint regret wearing it though . Haha .
 Kthxbye .

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