Thursday, June 2, 2011

Had MT remedial in th morning ~ Yup , super boring @ first . LOL .
 Zoelyn drew this! Freaking chio right ? Hahah . (:

So cute . :D
Went home after th remedial ~ Was supposed t meet Ilisia @ Mall but sh wanted t lend my highwaist shorts so ya , asked her t come take it from me since i cant go t her hse .
Was teaching her how t come my hse whn sh told me that sh saw my sis walking infront of her so i asked her t follow my sis . LOL . Sh said tt it was scary t 'stalk' my sis as sh kept turning arnd , and my sis was like wondering who sh was . LOL . Cute only la ! ;D
Prepared and went of t bugis with my sis ~!
Shopped around first ~ Den went t swensens t eat some ice cream and rest awhile !

 Haha , Thy're so cute . (;

 Thy started t do some origami , Lol ! So cool only . :D

 Look @ th diff , Th left one is made by my sis , LOL . Totally fail ~ :D

 Headed t Sakae Sushi for our dinner next ! Love it ~! (:

 I love shishamo ! :D

Went t eat durain next ! Super sweet eh ! LOL . Another awesome day with cute ppl ! :D
I'm kindof excited for tmr . LOL . Gonna wear my heels for th first time ! Hahaha , :D 

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