Sunday, June 5, 2011

Went out with JingRu and PeiyJing today ~
Was supposed t b a dance outing . Lol , super fail eh ? ;D
Reached Macs first and waited for those two xiaojie for like more den 30 mins ? I'm a nice person . (;

 Was walking around and taking photos all th wayyy ~! Awesome ~ And we saw Kimberly and Jabelle ! Cute peoples . Hahah , ;D
Went t th carpark thr and started slacking and spamming photos . Hahaha , More photos on Fb ! I'm so lazy t upload all of them here . >,<

 After that went off t compass t meet mummy and sisterrrrr ~

 Hehehehe , I <3 ice cream . ;D

 And my sis bought her ipod shuffle ~!
Need t go back t school tmr againnnn ~! Siannnnnnn . >< 

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