Monday, April 25, 2011


Went t Keppel club t have our buffet dinner ~ The food there was awesome yea ! :D

Here are th pics of th food we've ate ! Although not alll are here as I'mtake a pic of th food . :D Oh , and every 100g of food tt we waste cost 5 bucks . LOL !Every one was like trying t sqeeze in all th food tt is on their plates . :D

IceCream for dessert ! Free flow ~

FriedTofu ~

Fried softshell crab ~!

Shishamo ! (L)

Chawanmushi ~! (L)

Novem drank 3 bowl of this miso soup !

Sashimiiiiii ~ ! (L)(L) I actually ate 1 plate of salmon by myself . Awesome ~

Fried oyster ~!

FreeFlow of ice lemon tea ~

Went t karaoke after till like 12am ? Haha , everyone was like super shy at first , but yea , everybody was like screaming in th mic after awhile . Hahaha .

Next day , went mall t study with ChloeTan ~ Love her ! Haha , fotos with her and sh haven upload them yet , mayb tmr ? :D

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