Saturday, April 23, 2011

Sup people ! Yup, i'm posting again . :D Haha , guess wad . I'm finally cutting my freaking long fringe ! :D Yayyy ~ My fringe us reallyreally long and its super annoying t have such long fringe . I've been wanting t cut it for a long time already . :D
Yea and my looooong fringe looks like this :

Hahahaha , so long right ? :D Yea , lets just hope tt my mum wont ruin my whole fringe and tt i wont look like i fcking retard who have really short& ugly fringe . Haha . Pray hard ! :D

After my haircut gonna head out for dinner , mummy's still deciding on whr t go ~ (:

Bye readers ! PrayHard for my fringe alright ? Hahah . :D

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