Tuesday, September 10, 2013

The good old days... [Part 1]

So the other day my mum decided to take out all our past photos to browse through and here is part 1 of it!! And i must say whoever that is taking the photos are actually quite good leh! Be it my mum or whoever hahah.
I found it super interesting so i decided to put it up on my blog to share with you guys hehe. So gonna take pictures of my future kid every day so that he/she can look at it when they're old!
And my mum was actually telling me that both my sisters actually used to have better live, we're a little richer til i was born lolll hahha my fault la ok

From the photos you can tell that Novem is the cutest among us and.. i was the ugly kid lol. Still am yes i know but aren't all babies supposedly cute?!? I'm like damn ugly la. Scroll down and you'll know what i mean ahhaha.
SEE NOVEM SO CUTE OMG like so super duper cuteeeeee. If only she's like my younger sis now i would like love her to death omg too cute. And her face like no change??? Hahaha
You can roughly guess which one is me la hor?? I was like telling them i look like a homeless kid who came to crash their bd party haha. And they say i have paisi(naughty) face lol true!!!
Just look at me attacking the cake when everyone else is posing nicely for the picture omg damn funny

Super round Novemm
Novem looking like my waipo here hahahah. These poofy dress is a must for mini people!! soooo cuteeeee

Hahahahha pajiao rambutan hair me. Damn ugly?!?!?
Me: Who's this baby sia
Sis: You la!!
Me: Really meh walao i so ugly one ah?
Sis: Abuden
Me: Heng i dont look like this now lolol
Dont look like me right???
Some artsy shots of my dajie~

And cute mini Novem again hahah her face is like so rounddd. Like a squirrel being stuffed with food

Both my sis actually attended ballet lessons!! I still have like a little memory of me sitting at the corner waiting for them to end their class.
3yr old me hahaha damn ugly. I laughed so hard at this picture. In fact i'm still laughing at it now hahhaa too ugly alr. What's up with my expression?! xD And my hair omg. Maybe this is why i'll never cut my hair short. Later look like this how?! HAHA

mini 3 of us & our mini cousin with mummy! We look so tinyyyy

My never ending idontknowwhatimdoing poses. My face too qian bian alr i cannot

 Ending off with a picture of us in our pjs~
There's a part 2 of this!! Wait for it okay xD If you have a blog you should blog pictures of you when you're young too!!! I would love to read it :D

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