Saturday, September 7, 2013

Interclass Games 2013

Had our interclass games on Wednesday earlier this week! This year the choice of games for the girls are netball and floorball and i obviously chose netball! I was hoping that it would be basketball like last year but netball was actually very fun too haha!

Andd.. I would say this year's interclass is soooo much more intense than last year. 
Okay i know i'm supposedly not to post anything on the net bout the games to prevent blablabla but just let me la ok haha. Just typing out my views (: AND please do not think that i'm actually talking bout you when i'm not. Unless you actually know what happen la. You can ask me if you want to. Lol no i wont tell you anyway hahaha.
To be honest i have no idea that there's actually some reason behind "it" til  my friend told me bout it on Thursday during the Teacher's Day celebration which makes me super pissed like really pissed. Okay maybe because i pms that's why i was a lil too pissed lol but seriously i have no idea someone could be this stupid to do that.
Just by typing this makes me angry lol!! Okay i shall stop. Anddd i dont hate her la okay. 

Nonetheless!!! I had a great time playing with everybody!! Everyone was super good! There mayyyyy be some misunderstanding but people peace out ok. (: Last interclass in Xinmin alr! Also, its like so interesting to be able to play netball til night time in school haha!

All photo cr: Fauziah (:
 Our bibs for one of the matches was red and Jasmine was like saying we have the Christmas tree feel hahah

Everyone in our class got a trophyy!!! 1st for netball team , 2nd for the guys playing handball and 3rd for the floorball team!! Yay to 06!!!!

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