Wednesday, June 6, 2012

Dance Camp Part 2 !

Omg yes . Finally finished editing all my pictures and uploading them woooo !!
Okay so, Day two we went to Mt Faber for a walk! A super nice place to take pretty pictures! If only we're  not in sch u la. Hahahha.

Please do not ever ever EVER zoom in too look at our faces in any of the group photos. Its SUPER unglam . LOL

I love this drink !! Damn nice! 

This pic looks like i edited mich into the background. Super fake ! Haha !

Grad dinner for the Sec 4s !! Camp became so much more lively-er once the seniors came! Had a lil flash mob planned throughout the whole camp and it was meant to be a surprise! They dont look suprised though. Hahahahahh. And here are the 4 jars i made for the seniors!! ^^ 

(Pic credit to Peijun!)
Photos quality of the food and all were just horrible so i dint bother to edit them at all. Haha. But here's the dessert! My favourite one in like all of the buffet desserts!! Lololol. I took like 3 or more bowls of it. Hehe.
There're still lots of pics that are yet posted ~~ Will post when i'm free ! Super busy with art and some other stuffs these days. I'm so freaking excited for the outcome of our wall mural!!!!!! Day 3 and we're almost done with our sketch. <: omgomg heheeeee. :D :D :D I hope that it'll turn out nice!!!! So that i'll be able to walk that stairs everyday. Lollllll. 

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