Sunday, June 3, 2012

Dance Camp Part 1

Went to Ikea and Giant the day before camp to buy some items !

 Day 1! Cant rmb every single detail of camp + i lost my camp activity sheet. :/
Played animal farm ! And i swear the juniors damn cute ahahahahah.

 And this cutest blindfold belongs to meeeee !! ^^

 I cant stop laughing at this photo omgwtf ahahahahahhahahahah. SUPER epic. And she did this more than 1 time . LOL

 But i think the seniors are having more fun than them.

Wireless communication ! Ended up helping most of the groups. Super pekcek with them seriously.

 Typical camp food for dinner.

 Introducing the "Michelle Smile" She's like one of the few who smile with two rows of teeth !

And here's us doing it. Hahahahhahahahahaha.

 Ok part 2 tmr!

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