Friday, May 4, 2012

Sometimes, i feel like i'm just a stranger to you.

Some overdued photos here! Finally charged my cam and edited those photos ~ Today's a day for me to rest ~ ^^

Joanne's pen work! (:
Mr Yam damn power lor. Drew all these drawings on the board within 5min!! With marker somemore.

Michelle's DreamCatcher ~

BabyPooooooooooh !!! I swear i was so happy on that day. Isn't it cuteeeeeee ???? ^^ Hehe

Stupid Yue Er took it away from me. Cheh ):
Day before Homecoming 04 got their class tee but it was printed wrongly~ Quite cute ah the uncle. Like that also can. LOL

But at least they got a shirt for free!! Haha .
#Likeabeabillionaire ~~

This picture is so funny. Hahahahahah.

Kim , Cindy & Ashlyn came to my hse today ~! Did the Chubby Pandan bread challenge. They say that it was too unglam so i can only post it next year or smth. LOL. 
Here's a picture of my cute pink camera with cute pink stickers !! Wooooo. ITSSOCUTE. :3

Oh and do you guy prefer super huge pics like the previous posts of just this size will do?? Leave a comment ok ! (:
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