Sunday, May 6, 2012

Life's a beautiful thing and there's so much to smile about.

Went out with Ashlyn & Cindy for a "Photoshoot" Yesterday !! Hehe , i swear we're damn cute & funny. Taking pictures at the weirdest place ever and everyone who walked pass will stare at us . Hahaha. But the pictures turned out well okay! Lots of pictures of Cindy . She was the only one willing to pose . Hahahaha.

This is supposed to be an unglam shot ! #butwestillcute LOLHAHAHA

Oh and i swear this bird damn cute!! It sneezed ! I mean like seriously it went "Ah choo"!! Like really "Ah choo" !!!! Cutest bird ever omg hahahahahahh. 

Ashlyn said that the background here looks like some sort of castle and my sister said that we look like we're in London . Cool or what . 

Cindy going crazy in the toilet . Haha !

Oh and we tried this G-max thingy !! Freaking awesome and scary i swear omgg !! You guys should totally go and try it !!! (; (; (; (; 

So yup ! That's it for this post . Took me damn long to edit the pics ! >< 
Had so much fun with those two and we should totally do this more often ! Hehe . Kbye ! 

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