Monday, May 28, 2012

Last day of School

June holidays are here !!!! Woooo. No more waking up super early in the morning for school. Finally. Its gonna be a super busy month for me ! Cca , dance camp , extra lessons , homework , work (If i manage to find one) , day out with awesome people~~~

Brought my camera to school on the last day! As you all know, my cam quality sucks and it only takes sort-of-nice pictures in super good lightings. And as for the classroom, the lighting sucks. Lol. So ,I'm sorry for the bad quality pictures , i've tried my best to save it but i'm too lazy. And some pic not i take one okay!!! HAHA.

 All of a sudden everyone started arm wrestling. Ok , they still look normal here...
 And it started getting more epic . LOL
 Wait. There's more.

 And here's me ! Obviously i have no muscle at all la. I ended up losing to almost everyone lor. And i cant stop laughing. Need to train alr. Hahahah.

 Headed to bubble k after school with Cindy and Ashlyn ! Nice & cute place to chill !
 Got my name on the cup somemore. Lol!
 Headed to meet my sis for dinner ! Its been soooo long since i ate Yoshinoya !! I think its like last year or something??

And i bought a skirt on that day !! HEHE. Superrrr in love with it. 

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