Sunday, May 13, 2012

Find happiness within .

Went to Singapore Expo yesterday for the Robinson sales ~ Bought nothing actually. :/

 Went to the mall beside it after that ~
 Marble Slab ! Green tea & dark chocolate ice cream , best combination everrrr.

And guess what i've found in some shoe shop ?!?!

So !@&#$&!@# Chio la omg pls. Can somebody buy this for me ? HEHE.
Lol , just kidding. Nobody would buy it anyway.
Lol look at my neglected mary jane back there. Hahahah
Ok, so my sis and i went to town after that ! Orchard , somerset , Cine , blabla.
Tried Bff's wow wow west ! Prefer this to the macho cheese though ~

Heading out soon !! ^^ Happy Mother's Day to all Mothers out there ! Love y'all ! :-*

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