Sunday, May 13, 2012


Ootd ! 

Caught Avengers with Cindy and Kimberly ! Stupid Ashlyn dint go last min cause she went to sleep instead. TSK
 The movie was damn awesome i swear!! Captain americaaaa <3 <3 Hehe . 
Oh and surprisingly Plaza Sing has lots of cute/cool shops ! 

Too many Dreamcatchers put together looks scary tough. Like some kind of hairy-wormy stuff. Lolwtf.

 Walked around after our moviee ~ 
And we realised that Bata's shoes are getting so much nicer. It used to be those old-fashion kind . Haha, from my pov la.
 We found shoes with mirror ! Lolol.

 And guess what. Kids nowadays get to wear chio shoes. Like really chio shoes ! If got my size i confirm buy one lor. 
 SO NICE RIGHTT !!? We used to wear this kind of shoes :
Wtf. #Life'sUnfair

Post again tmr !! Click on my nuffnanggg. Hehe <3<3<3

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