Saturday, March 10, 2012

Singapore Art Museum

Another Art learning journey once again ! And this time , i've edited some of my pictures and i swear thy look so artistic and awesome i cant believe i took them . :O :O Keep scrolling and you'll get wht i mean ! 

I was like telling nicole my lousy cam compared to hers will never take a good picture of the same angle . But after editing , i think that mine look nicer than hers . Heh . ^^

Worst kaya toast i've ever tasted . I think the aunty totally forgot to on the toaster lor . Its cold and disgusting !

Mr Yam's son ! So cute . Hhahaha .

And here's the coolest room every ! Its like many laser thingy shining on a mirror ! SUPER COOL . 

Nicole took this pic !!! Damn nice can !

And my favourite 2 pictures of all !!!!! Look so tumblrishh . ^^ 

Ok , sorry for the bhb-ness in this post but i still cant believe i took/edited these pictures . Hahahahah . This inspires me to edit my photos more often . Lolol ! 
A few more posts coming up ! Must read ok . :D

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