Saturday, March 10, 2012

Noise Singapore

Headed to Noise Singapore after art museum !

Tote bag designing ! Brought home mine but have yet to start on it . Got an idea of the design alr !! Hope tht it'll turn out nice so i can carry it around . ^^

The best part of Noise !!! FREE MILKKKSHAKEE . :B
Went around everywhere looking for a place with good internet connection to post that stupid status for 30 mins or more . We're like praying damn hard tht the milkshake will taste nice la !

Damn aunty la i know . But its super duper worth it !!!!!!! Its like melted cookies and cream ice cream ! And it cost about $3++ for that small little tiny cup of milkshake . 
Best milkshake evaaaaaaaa . ^^

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