Saturday, February 18, 2012

Future Proof

Breakfast @ Mac with Novem ! 

 Met Joanne and headed to Mustafa ~ Was totally not what i've expected la , but its cool !

 Its like totally packed with items . 

 OOTD ! Shorts tht i 'made' . Thought i look fat in it though . :/

 Went to Singapore Art Museum next for our workshop ! Enjoyed it alot and its a really cool experience !!

 The final part of the workshop is tht you'll need to draw smth tht is related to you or smth la , and guess wht . All of our art work will be put tgt and form into (a dk wht ), and may be sold to the public or smth lehh !! COOL OR WHT . 
Mine start of pretty well ,
 But ended up like a piece of shit seriously . Totally ruined it . just take a look @ the thumb . LOL !!! Dint bother to take a pic of the final work cause it seriously sucked . LOL .
 Joanne's one super nice lor !!!
Went to flea after the workshop ~ Bought this super cute contact lens casing and two very similar tops . Lol .

That's my Saturday ! Post again tmr . (:

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