Wednesday, February 15, 2012


Will post on Vday soon ! Lots of pics and i'm so lazy to upload them . I swear i'm like so damn occupied these few days for idk wht reasons . -.-
 Chionged my art hw last min and i got a blister on my finger for sharpening the colour pencils . Ikr ! Its like . So retarded . 

 You know wht ? At first i'm like " Er ooookkay laa . Not bad . Turned out better than wht i've expected . " BUT ! Whn i saw other ppl's art work i'm like " Fml , why mine so ugly wtf . " LOL .
 Get wht i mean ?!

 Especially Nicole's one la walao . Like freaking real only !!! :/
 First ever 'Proper' Painting lesson ~

 Red is totally fail one ~

Oh and i made myself a new high waist shorts !! ^^ 
Pass la hor ? <:

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