Friday, December 9, 2011


Hihihihihihi ! A questions for you ppl about VintageRunway !
Do you prefer:

a) Posing in front of th webcam ( Not so clear pics but we'll have items up for sale faster/sooner )
b) Just take a pic of th item itself ( Which is so much easier and even fasterr !! )
c) Continue with what we're doing ! ( Which means you guys have t wait :P )

Please reply okayy !! Either @ my formspring or vote >>>>>>>> ! 
And here's a small update for VintageRunway ! 3 new items up for sale and prices of th older collections are even lower now ! Visit and support okay !! I know VR is dying alr . ):

 Black feather headband/belt/bracelet . 
 Another owl ring !
Red bracelet .

Pm me @ fb/sms me for faster replies oki ! I velly lazy check email :P But i'll still check la . 

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