Sunday, December 11, 2011

10 Random Facts .

1) I'm bored . 
2) I ate 5 meals today . Like Omgwtfbbq . I'm not gonna eat tmr . Pfft .
3) I'm eating a bowl of noodles now . 
4)And it has mushrooms !! ^^
5) I collected th items i bought from a blogshop today and i'm not so happy with th dress i got as its not of th length i wanted !Might be selling it away ! But i'm totally in love with th other two . Teehee . :D
6)I'm thinking of changing my blog skin and my url . Hmmmm...
7)I'm currently trying not t spend alot of $$ now as i'm saving up t buy a new camera for myself !! Yay me :D
8) But i've spent $70 today . LOL . 
9)I always feel like i'm talking to myself here as nobody is replying to me everytime . Everyone is being a silent reader . 
10)That makes me very sad . ):

*Should i do a haul post??? (:

1 comment:

yongle said...

hello! being so random. btw its yongle here! check out my fashion blog okay?