Wednesday, December 21, 2011

Lumix DMC-S1

I got a new cameraaaaaa !! YAY . :D Not a super good cam or whatever la . But at least its cute and affordable to me ! ^^
Got a rose pink one ! Super cute . :D
Headed to Nex ~
Ate Ramen play for our late lunch/ early dinner ! 

 Food there was okayokay only la . 
 Sorry for the not-so-appetizing photos . Battery was low at that time ! ><

 But i love their Green Tea milkshake !! 
 Sogurt for our dessert !
 And we went Christmas shopping ! Bought a dress for Christmas , a blazer , and a tank ! And presents for relatives and some other ppl tooooo !
 A super cute cup .
 And a spectacle case for me ! :D

 Outfit for the day ~
 Love my shoesssss . $15 only leh . ^.^

 My camera velly cute right ?!?!
It took me a super long time to upload these pics idk why . :/

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