Tuesday, December 20, 2011

Boss is crazy !

A promotion you should come to ! (If you have pets @ home la . :D )
Preparing for th 400 balloons to be popped on tht day !

 Lots of awesome items to be won 
And cash prizes as well !! You wont go home empty handed !

 Th prizes really damn good ! It'll be super good if i got a dog . ): 

 A sky of wonderful prizes waiting to be brought home ~

 Even kitt is excited for it ! Hahaha !

Look @ all of th crazy promotions ~ There's more ! Just that i dint get to take a pic as i'm too bust at that time laaa ~

Free goodie bags for the early birds !

 Items inside worth alot lorrrr . If i'm th one receiving it confirm very happy one . LOL !
Free drinks as well !

 Balloons burst and the cash prizes not won at the end of the day ~!
 And ofc a group photo !
Indeed a very tiring week ! Gonna sleep as long as i want tmr and i'm finally going out again !! :D  Byeeee ! 

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