Sunday, December 4, 2011

I'm too lazy t think of a title .

It's been raining these few days and our Happie is all ready for it ! Hehe .

 Sh's always around with crazy cute outfits ! 

And i've got so many scratches from a dog tht is really scared . ): 
A cute haircut ! :D

 And here's th cutest pic of all !!!!! (Sorry Happie :P ) It's a cross breed ! A Maltipoooooo puppy ! So freaking cute right ?!?! *.*
Working like almost everyday now ! Velly tired leh . I even fell asleep on th carpet yesterday night ... LOL . Offday on Tues ! I'm so gonna rebond my hair on tues and go get my contacts . LIKE . FINALLY . Both with my own hard earned money ok !! Getting my contacts like after 6 mths on th same on . Yea , ikr ! Oh gosh . :/ *Prays hard tht nothing goes wrong and my hair would turn out awesome * BYE .

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