Thursday, November 24, 2011

Stop being defined by wht other ppl think of you .

In love with this cute toy poooooodlee . Hehe . SO CUTE RIGHT .

 Super busy day today @ th shop ! No joke ok . Look @ th amount of bags needed t be repacked . And this is not all of thm okay . 

Headed t my cousin's Jap restaurant for dinner ! Seeing her after soooo long ! Missed her lots ! 

Located @ 14 Aliwal Street, Singapore 199907 ! Visit their fb page hereee . Dint take any pics of th food ! I was seriously very hungry at tht time as i skipped my lunch . :/  But i took a pic from their fb pg . Hehe . 
I ate Carbonara! Its a must try ! Love it . :D
Random pic here .Just in case you readers miss my face  LOLHAHAKIDDING . :D Heading t 3 fleas on sun ! YAY . Anyone want t come along ??? :D :D 
And ya , came across manymany web tht is selling awesome stuff and @ cheap prices like omg . I'm freaking desperate t get my next pay . T.T
*Changed my skin ! Its so nice . Heh . :B

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