Sunday, November 27, 2011

One Direction .

Workedworkedworkedworked .
 Look at th chio jeans colour ! And , my fat thighs . -.-
 And ya , Schnauzer puppies in da shop today!!!! I swear thy're damn freaking cute omgz . Although thy look like rats in th photos la . Lol . 
 But still so cute right !!!! *Heart melts*

 I want puppies too . ):
And Happie got a new hair cut ! As cute as always ~!

 Random pics of food . Lol .

 Chinese Dance's board for open hse on sat ! Got one pic i take one leh . Not bad right ! *proud face* HAHAHAH .

K , done with this post ! Heading out tmr and i'm freaking excited . HEHE . Will post tmr if i've got pics and pls leave some comments or questions on my formspring laa , if not i'll feel like i'm talking t myself you know ? ):

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