Tuesday, August 9, 2011

I'll find wht i'm looking for , someday .

Happy Birthday Singaporee ~! (:
Today is such a boring day !
 Headed t bugis with mummy and sister ~
According t my sister , these pics below are very artistic . And sh kept praising herself after every shot tht her photography skills are awesome . LOL .

 Wht do you think ? Hahahahah .
Went home after tht ! 
Changed , headed out again ! Was looking for something red/white t wear but this is t best i can find . LOL . And ya , wanted t go watch th fireworks but my sis is too lazy t pei me go watch it . Awwww ! ): 
Went t Compass t have our dinner instead . ):

Such a sad way t celebrate national dayyyy ! ):

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